Adventure Concierge Update!


As the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge has past and the rain has come in everything in the area is starting to look like winter is coming to end. Loon Mountain has started their end of the season ticket sales the following prices are $59 for adults, $49 for teens, and $39 for JR/SR.

If you are looking for places to go snowshoeing some of the places that are not totally lost with snow are the hiking trails off the Kanc Highway. There are some really nice hiking trails that you will either see waterfalls or lakes.

As we go in between seasons and the snow starts to melt all the hiking trails will be muddy and water will be flowing off the mountain side. So, if you are going hiking please be aware of the weather conditions and dress for the weather.

The activities that are going on here at the resort are gifts in a jar, Bingo, toddler paint hour and Wii games. For a full list of our Moose Report please just call us and we an e-mail you a copy of a full list of trips and activities.

Happy Trails,


Adventure Concierge


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